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How to Make Healthy Meals for Dogs at Home

How to Make Healthy Meals for Dogs at Home

How to Make Healthy Meals for Dogs at Home

When it comes to feeding your pet, you need always to give them the best. If you have a dog for a pet, you don’t have to rely on commercial food. Actually, you can comfortably make healthy food for your dog at home.

The process doesn’t have to be complicated, but it requires some planning.


Just like with human beings, dog food should contain all nutrients in appropriate amounts. That means that dogs, too, should be fed on enough balanced diets. In fact, if you prepare the feed from home, you are sure of what your dog is feeding on.

What Makes a Healthy Dog’s Meal?

Just like in the human diet, you need to have a variety of foods you prepare for your dog. All the same, you should do this without compromising on its value. So, let’s look at what you should consider for your dog’s homemade meal.

1.     Meat and Other Animal Products

By nature, dogs are carnivorous animals. Therefore, although dogs are domesticated, their food should be 50% animal products.

These include but not limited to:

  1. Boneless meat
  2. Meaty bones – served raw
  3.  Internal organs like liver, kidney, or tripe
  4.  Eggs
  5. Dairy – plain yoghurt or kefir

Actually these products provide the dog with most of the nutrients it needs. They are rich in proteins, carbohydrates (fats), and minerals.

Having said that, treat every dog as an individual. What does this mean?

It means that every dog has different nutritional needs from the others. Mostly, this depends on age, body size, and how active the dog is. It is advisable to get help from a veterinary.

2.     Starchy Vegetables

These are foods that can be used to provide a dog with energy. Also, they help in keeping the cost of feeding the animals low and manageable. They include:

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2.  Potatoes
  3. Winter squashes
  4.  Cassava

Starchy foods for dogs should always be cooked to make them digestible. Again, the quantities of starchy food given to a dog should be limited to small amounts to avoid obesity.

3.     Fruits and Leafy Vegetables

Fruits! Yes, even dogs eat fruits. It’s only that we rarely consider fruits as an essential part of a dog’s food. 

How to Make Healthy Meals for Dogs at Home

Since you want to remain healthy, then you need to provide them with fruits such as

  1. Apples
  2. Melon
  3. Berries
  4. papaya

Actually, even bananas are good for dogs. 

Having said so, some fruits like raisins and grapes should never be fed to dogs. They can lead to kidney failure. Other foods like macadamia nuts have components that are toxic to dogs.

When it comes to leafy vegetables, they are a good source of dietary fibre. Also, they are low in calories and can be used to make food for less active dogs.

Vegetables served to dogs should be cooked. Actually, some raw vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli affect thyroid glands.

4.     Dietary Supplements 

How to Make Healthy Meals for Dogs at Home

In addition to natural food, you may need some supplements if you lack variety. Also, if you don’t get one of the groups above, you will need to go for supplements. 

When food is frozen or cooked for long, it also loses some nutrients too. Some of the nutrients that require supplementation include but not limited to:

  1. Calcium
  2. Vitamin D and E
  3. Iodine


Just like in human beings, food for dogs should also be balanced in nutrients. The amount of each food group should consider the age of the animal, size, and how active a dog is.

Some toxic fruits and grains like wheat should not be fed to dogs. Also, never feed your dog on onions and garlic.

Just keep your dog meal simple, balanced, and in proper amounts.

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