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Stylish dress for women

How to Choose Stylish Dresses for Your Body Type

The first step into choosing a great dress is to understand the basics. In fact, not every stylish dress for one body type will be great for everybody. That dress that you saw at the store or online may be a great disappointment. 

Don’t buy it yet.


First, consider whom the dress was made for. That is to say; you need to consider your body type. 

In general, there are four body types:

  • Hourglass body type
  • Pear-shaped body type
  • Athletic shaped type
  • Apple-shaped body type

Having said that, let’s look at what is best for each body type.

      i.          Hourglass Body Type

So, are your hips and bust measurements roughly even? Do you have a well-defined waistline and can be termed as curvy? Then, you belong to this body type.

For hourglass body shape, dressing is all about celebrating your waistline and emphasising on your neckline. The best thing is that your curves are already balanced.

Therefore, when choosing a top, get one with ample space for your bust. Go for V-shaped necks. Boat necks or round necks should also work well for you.

Elbow-length sleeved blouses with a fitting waistline would work best for you.

This body type is the best for dresses. Just make sure they draw attention to your naturally slender waist.

For jackets, get one that highlights your waistline.

    ii.          Pear-Shaped Body Type

This body type is also known as the triangular shape. This type has more full hips than the shoulders, fuller hips, and rear.

If you are in this group, you should go for tops and accessories that draw attention to your narrower part of the body. That is from your waist upwards. Let the neckline be V-shaped, scoop or sweetheart.

Also, you may need to some puff to get fuller shoulders to fake an hourglass.

For the skirts, pick clothes that fit nicely without messing your already curvaceous look. Go for figure-hugging dresses that fit well to your form. 

In simple, make sure the dress sits well from all ends.

  iii.          Athletic Shaped Body Type

The athletic body is also known as the rectangular body. It is characterised by hips and shoulders that almost equal in measurements. Generally, this body type isn’t curvy.

If your waistline isn’t small and well defined, and your body weight is evenly distributed, this is where you belong.

When choosing clothes for this kind of body, go for A-line skirt and tops with a bit of fluff on the shoulders. This will give you the hourglass shape; only that waistline will not be as defined.

Blazers, sleeveless tops and caps are best for you if you have a rectangular body. Your advantage is that you can dress up to take the other body shapes.

  iv.          Apple Shaped Body

This body type carries more in their mid-body than any other part. They have broader shoulders than hips, and their waistlines are not well defined.

To get the best tops, consider one that will be comfortable for your bust. Go for V-shaped necks and go for fabrics that will streamline your looks from the bust to your hips.

Sleeveless or strapless tops are the thing for you. If you like to cover up, wear more fitting sleeves to balance your mid-section and the fuller bust.

For dresses, get darker colours or diagonal stripes because of their slimming effect.

Apple body shape looks fabulous in coats, jackets, blazers or even trench-coats. All you need to do is go for A-line or straight ones without a waist belt. Let them reach the hip or upper thigh.

Final Word

It is now evident that there is no one size fits all when it comes to dresses. Everybody is unique and should be treated as so.

Self-awareness and appreciation will help you choose clothes that bring out the best in you. What works for your friend doesn’t have to work for you. Therefore, you need to choose dresses meant for your body type to come out as stylish as you intend.

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