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The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget

From cooking your breakfast to preparing that quick dinner, a good microwave oven will save your day.

Having a microwave means that the time spent preparing food will mean that you can significantly reduce your cooking time.

The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget


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Not only that, the most recent features in the new generation of microwaves makes sure that you’re your food is evenly cooked. The issue of unevenly warmed meat or dried up dishes is now a thing of the past.


Since their invention in the forties, Microwaves have greatly improved. All you have to do is go for an oven that will serve according to your needs.

Whether it’s just heating last night’s leftovers, defrosting meat, or preparing your meals, there is an ideal device for you.

Also, microwaves happen to cater to a wide budget range. Therefore, even with a small budget, you should get an oven that will serve you well.

Here is a review for one of the best budget microwave ovens.


The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget



Panasonic 1.1 Cu. Ft. Microwave NN-GN68KS

This microwave is one of Panasonic’s most recent releases. The NN-GN68KS comes with an inverter technology combine with FlashXpress Broiler. This makes the oven fast and convenient cook, brown, and crisp food.

The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget


The combination of microwaves and dual infrared Flash Xpress Broiler, this device can perfectly cook food that is either fresh or frozen. Also, it is ideal for food that requires reheating and broiling.

At the touch of a button, the NN-GN68KS simultaneously cooks and grills. This is an added advantage over other oven that can only do one thing at a time.

Unlike the traditional microwaves, Panasonic NN-GN68KS’s inverter technology uses a continuous flow of power to evenly heat and prepare food without leaving any cold spots.


Dual infrared FlashXpress Broiler helps you to cook, brown, and crisp food within a short time.

The oven has a broiling rack that is specially made for lifting food close to the infrared grilling coil to produce the crispy brownish finish. This feature was not available in traditional microwaves.

The 1000W device also has a Genius Sensor Cook that eliminates guesswork when cooking or reheating your food and snacks.

As the machine is working, the Genius Sensors continuously measure the steam coming from your food. In return, it automatically adjusts the remaining cooking or reheating time for excellent results.

This ensures that you get optimum results every time you set out to prepare a meal.

Again, with 11 power levels and 10 sensor cook settings, the Panasonic NN-GN68KS microwave makes cooking easy and convenient.

For example, if you want to defrost frozen foods, the TurboDefrost feature greatly minimizes thawing time. Also, it makes sure the process is even from all sides.

The oven has 13.4” turntable that allows food to keep turning for even cooking and reheating. If you are not sure,

there are seven preset auto cook menu options to choose from.

Finally, the oven is safe as it has a child safety lock. This prevents any unprecedented scenarios where your children decide to keep their hands busy.



The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget





  • The microwave is power efficient at 1000W
  • Eliminates all guesswork from the cooking process
  • Has a continuous supply of cooking power
  • The interior is easy to clean
  • The oven has a turbo-defrosting feature
  • Combines infrared and microwaves for excellent results


The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget




  • You can’t use a metallic plate or trays with the oven
  • It can’t function without power supply

How to Choose the Best Microwave 


When it comes to choosing the best microwave, there are some facts you need to get right.

First, you need to go for newer models that have improved features. Initially, microwaves only used microwave energy.

Later, there came the combi microwaves. These combination ovens combined microwaves and convection to heat food.

Today, we have microwaves that use microwave energy, convection, and infrared to cook and broil food.

Also, it’s wise to consider power output. Manufacturers list wattage figures on each device. The higher the output, the faster and efficient the oven will be.

New models happen to have greater output than older models.

The other thing you need to consider is volume. This depends on the intended purpose.

If it is for a small home to only reheat or cook snacks,

a smaller oven will work. If it is for preparing large amounts of food, then go for a bigger one.

At the same time,

consider your available space. Buying a microwave that is bigger than the available space would look crazy.




The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget
The Best Turntable Microwave for a Small Budget

Common Myths about Microwave Ovens

Myth: Microwaves cause cancer.

Reality: Microwaves do not produce gamma rays or X-rays. The worst damage that a microwave can cause is a burn on the skin.

Myth: Microwaved foods are not safe.

Reality: some people believe that microwaving food makes it radioactive. That’s not true. Microwaves use electromagnetic energy and are not radioactive. The waves simply make the water molecules to oscillate, thereby warming the food.

Therefore, there is no way microwaved food can be radioactive.

Myth: Microwaves destroys food nutrients

Reality: While this myth may have some truth, it is misleading. All forms of cooking break food nutrients. Since microwaves use very little water,

it conserves most nutrients in the food than any other method of cooking.

Myth: Microwaved water changes its DNA and kills plants

Reality: First, water has no DNA. Secondly, microwaves do not modify the water molecules’ structure; it only makes them vibrate. Therefore there is no way microwaved water can change the genetic coding in plants or animals


So if you have been thinking of buying a microwave oven, then this is the best choice for low. It has a lot of features but for only a small amount of money.

It may not be the cheapest, but it’s definitely on the lower side min pricing.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your desired microwave. A current device has features that will make your kitchen experience awesome.

About the myths, its time you deleted those emails and social media posts that scared you away from getting a microwave earlier.

The ball is on your side.

Get up and order your Panasonic NN-GN68KS microwave.


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